2017/2018 Classes

We are so excited to begin the 2017,2018 Season at SSDA. Click on the link below to download the schedule for this year. 
Extra Thursday classes include hip hop, tumbling, tap technique class, and technique class and open classes. 
Our summer open classes were so much fun that we’ve decided to carry them on into our normal season.  Each Thursday, we will have open classes.  One week we might do contemporary, and then next week might be hip hop.  The following could be ballet and Barre work.  We will operate these classes off of the punch card system.  Punch cards can be purchased at the front desk, or you can pay by the class.  We will see how this works and make adjustments if needed.  Thank you for being patient with us as we try new things!
*We will not be offering the unlimited card for these classes yet.  We are committing to the classes for the first three months and would like to re-evaluate after three months.  The teachers are very excited about the open classes.  We hope the dancers are excited as well.
DROP OFF/PICK UP Procedures in Metter
Before 6:00pm – All drop off and pick up will take place in the back of the building for the safety of the children. Enter the back alley via Lee St.  Pull ALL the way up to the end of the alley. Stay on the gravel path in a single file car line.  Please do not pass others.  Dancers can get in and out of the vehicles just like a school car line. Exit Left, in the direction of Pineland State Bank. The busiest times will be the 3:30 drop off and the 5:00 pick up. Please consider coming up the other side of Lee St. (near the sports store) so that we do not back up the main road.  Also keep in mind, the first day will be more hectic than usual.  It will take teachers time to learn which dancers go to which vehicles.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  
After 6:00pm – You have the option of dropping your dancer off in the front or the back of the building. We will not be monitoring the back after 6:00 or assisting with drop off/pick up, so please be sure to watch your dancer walk in. Most of these dancers are older! 
  • If you miss the pick up/drop off times, you will need to walk your child in the front, and our office manager will be sure he/she gets to the correct room.
  • Any other business must be taken care of in the front lobby. Please park in the front for anything other than drop off/pick up. 
  • We also understand that some parents may want to walk their dancer in and take pictures on the first day of class.  If you choose to do so, you must park in the front and walk your dancer inside.